Frequently Asked Questions


Here is a list of some frequently asked questions. We hope these will answer most of the questions you may have.

  • Yes. Registration is free for job seekers. Click on Join Us menu link to register. Complete all the required information, then click on the "Sign up" button.
  • Registered Job Seekers or candidates can apply for job posts based on their competence by Job specializations. Registered candidates have their profile dashboard where their expected to fill in all profile their details; Education, Experience, Certification, Award and upload a CV. We advise job candidates to complete all profile details so that they can easily be shortlisted for job openings.
  • Ensure that you complete and update your online profile details and CV. You should also upload your CV in MSword or pdf format.
  • Use our Job Search Filter at the banner section on the home page. This option lets you filter the job adverts by job type and/ or industry, specialization and location. 

    After selecting your preferences click on the "Find Job" button. 

    The other option is to type the keywords you want to search into the text box under Keyword Search. Click on "Find Job" after you have typed in your keyword/s.

    You can also scroll up to the “BROWSE JOBS BY SPECIALIZATION” section to select from the specialization categories.

  • On the selected job post, click on the “Apply for this Job” button. A pop up will appear confirming your up to date details. Then click on “Apply Now”.
  • Yes, and much more; career tips and other materials for your professional development. Signing up to our newsletter gives you an edge. The newsletter section is at the bottom left of the website.

  • To reset your password, click on the “Sign In” button, then Type you email address that you used to create your user account and click on "Send Email" button. Then follow the easy steps as the email explains.