Managing Director / CEO

Job Overview

Core business area of the Company: Micro lending, Leasing and Consumer credit administration.


The MD’s responsibilities include but is not limited to developing and implementing strategies for the business in line with the directives of the Boards corporate vision & strategies; its general rules, guidelines & objectives. All these must be focused on continued progress of the business. It is expected that the MD functions as the Chief Business development executive at all times to tap into opportunities as they emerge in the marketplace. He must have as his objective the assurance of optimum performance for the Organization in the short and long term. He thus must ensure that the financial results of the company vide its brands is always focused on the path of growth.

The responsibilities of the MD are thus captured as listed below:

1)Formulate and get a buy-in on the Corporate Strategy
As the MD he must continually ensure environmental, political and economic analysis scan. He must also ensure he carries out internal and Organization analysis to be able to react and anticipate developments that might impact the business. He is to evaluate options and selection of goals and directions to move the business and advise the Board accordingly He thus must agree strategy with Board prior to implementation.

2)Set the strategy and the framework for same(structure)
As follow up to the above the MD must set the strategy for the business in line with Board guidelines.
He will review and evaluate present and future opportunities, threats, risks in the external space. Review current and future strengths and weaknesses and risks relating to the company. He will determine strategic options and select those to pursue and means to implement and sustain them. He thereafter must develop the business plan and strategies to underpin and actualize the strategies. He must ensure, that the Organogram, processes and capabilities align with strategies so formulated. Building strategic alliances continuously especially in the operating lease space to bolster capacity.

3)Empower Management by delegation & monitor performance
The life of any Organization is in its people. The MD must delegate and empower top and middle level manager and monitor and evaluate their performance and implementation of strategies and business plans. He must communicate effectively to his subordinates especially senior management and carry them along in day to day operations.

4)Steer policies- Financial and Operational procedures
Steer and enforce agreed financial policies and procedures. Determine priorities in expenditure and credit terms if available, Capex directions, Budget implementation and performance. Ensure IT application is optimized for efficiency in leases and consumer lending.

5)Strengthen and optimize internal controls
The MD is the Chief Accountability Officer. He therefore must control spending patterns, timing and general budgeting compliance with CFO or Head of Accounts in concert. He must approve certain expenditures beyond a certain amount. He must be part of on-boarding of contractors, & third-party suppliers etc. Monitoring their performance is part of reports he must get periodically. Cost saving, cost leadership and budgetary controls must be part of the MDs KPIs.

6)Pursue growth and market share- drive the business
With the primary objective of profitability for the company, the MD must drive and discuss Sales and Marketing plans. He approves market strategies and implementation of same. As part of the market strategy he must approve Credit policies, pricing policies, and all activities aimed at claiming more market share. He will continue to assess market opportunities and ensure the company is nimble enough to take advantage.

7)Formulate effective reporting process
Timeous and accurate reporting must remain the culture of the business across board. This is a must part of KPIs for all senior personnel. The Board must get reports on specific developments as deemed appropriate in furtherance of the business. Periodic meetings such as MPR, QBR, that measure performance must be part of the operational process and they remain effective tools of review.

8)Engage, guide, monitor and train staff with requisite skill set
Regularly review manpower needs and discuss gaps in skill sets. To align business needs with the market, he will maintain personnel systems and processes. The MD will review performance appraisal of all staff in conjunction with HR and determine training needs. Keep in touch with developments in the market and remuneration to ensure competitiveness. Promote a learning and entrepreneurship climate in the group. Develop appropriate organizational structure to reflect performance of company and make it scalable up or down in reaction to the market situation. Make integrity and character the hallmark of the organization and support and encourage staff to uphold same

9)Develop and maintain external relationship within & externally
No business exists in a vacuum or by itself and survives or grows. The MD must strive to build relationships with fellow players in the industry and other key external stake holders. Establish relationships with major customers, professional bodies, public institutions and regulatory institutions.

10)Exercise accountability and clarity of objective to Board, Shareholders and relevant stakeholders.
It is imperative that the MD understands the position and importance of the Board, Shareholders and relevant stakeholders. He therefore must organize and have quarterly and annual general meetings with the board so that all can jointly review company activities. Effective communications to and from shareholders and relevant stake holders is the key to having a satisfied board. He must promote goodwill and support of shareholders at all times.

Minimum Requirements for MD/CEO:
• At least 10 to 15 years of work experience
• Finance background with short experience in bank and strong experience in non-banking FS industry (e.g.       investment in insurance company, microfinance institutions such as Branch)
• Treasury experience – How to manage cost to ensure profitability
• Marketing focus – how to penetrate the market
• Micro lending experience would be a plus: understand the economic needs, how to package it
• Entrepreneurial spirit and drive

Remuneration: Negotiable


Job Detail
  • Minimum Years Of Experience10 - 15
  • Minimum DegreeMSc
Shortlist Never pay anyone for job application test or interview.